Room Reps

We are still in need for Room Representatives for the 2018-2019 school year.  The primary role of a Room Representative is to help organize classroom parties and Teacher Appreciation activities.  Classroom parties take place during the school day.  They are usually one (1) hour in length and may involve games, crafts, snacks, etc. The two parties Room Representatives host each year are: Halloween and Valentines Day.  This year we will also be asking our Room Representatives to help coordinate snack donations for a monthly Teacher Appreciation celebration.  Each grade level will be assigned a contribution month that coincides with a particular snack theme.

To learn more, or volunteer, please email Zeena Melody:
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TeacherGradeRoom Rep 1Room Rep 2
TeacherGradeRoom Rep 1Room Rep 2
Acala-Kindy K - Bilingual Maria Borrego  
Marquez K - Bilingual   
Ruiz K - AM Liz Czajkowskyj Morgan Tripp 
Ruiz K - PM Joanne Ramirez Diana Rabago 
Major 1st Liz Lennon Anna Jacobsen 
Pashkow 1st Kristine Zaremba Callie Wrobel 
Salman 1st Sarah Kernal Ellen Wheeler 
Arwahki 1/2 - Bilingual   
Burke 1/2 - Bilingual   
McGarrie 1/2 - Bilingual   
Pereyra 1/2 - Bilingual Alejandra Alencaster  
Northfell 2nd Lisa Medina  
O'Kelly 2nd Sara Brugam   
Randall 2nd Shelley Hoffman Toni Frost Keller 
Bustos 3rd Viviana Lopez  
DeRosa 3rd - Bilingual   
Emery 3rd Cindy Grunloh Carro Stacy Woirol 
Hamann 3rd   
Lupa 3rd Cynthia Castelan Jenn Schiavone 
Bergmann 4th Kathy Veenendall Beth Gatsis 
Brown 4th Amanda Grandlienard  
DeGrazia 4th Zeena Melody Michelle Chidichimo 
Klecka 4th Kate Kroschel   
Bonasorte 5th   
Early 5th Allison Jellison Rachel Stevens  
Fostiak 5th Alicia Grundy  
Mandel 5th Diana Rabago Maria Hall  
Matejaszcyk 5th Dee Slade Kiss  
Schubert 6th Monica Haun  
Connolly 6th Lesly Fletcher Lydia Steinbach 
Francis 6th   
Held 6th Beth Gatsis Suzan Curda 
Malley 6th Kathy Veenendall Stacey O'Keefe 
Showing 33 items